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Gait Analysis

Biomechanical and comprehensive Gait Analysis

The structure of your feet is as unique as your fingerprints and while walking or running will exhibit a pattern of movement that is very different from every other person.

This means that any structural deficiencies of your feet may force them to function in a compensated position. When this happens the stress to muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments and nerves occurs at all anatomical levels within the body.

Familiar overuse syndromes such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, stress fracture, bursitis and myositis may follow in varying degrees.

In order to isolate the origins for the pain and inflammation, a biomechanical examination will be necessary; in many instances this exam will quickly explain reasons for the symptoms. In other words there may be a direct relationship between the neutral and compensated positions of the feet that quickly point to the source of the problem.

Many problems however are complex in nature and result in a limitation to the amount of walking and running you are able to do. You may be an athlete unable to meet running or sprinting goals required for competition because of the pain experienced within structures related to movement. The same conditions may occur for anyone who walks or runs, recreationally.

To best understand which complexfactors limit optimal function during walking or running, a Comprehensive Gait Analysis should be performed. This exam must be 3-Dimensional and Multi-segmental. That is it must present a dynamic view of each body level during gait.A comprehensive understanding your lower extremity motion and the forces acting on and within your body are critical to identifying injury mechanism and how best to intervene.

As part of the process, you will undergo an analysis of walking and/or running at the Fortius Lab at Fortius Institute in Burnaby. Appointments are made by our office and all data is reviewed in collaboration with Dr. Christopher MacLean, PhD (Biomechanics). Interpretation of the data will be made by Dr. MacLean at the time of the walk/run analysis and followed by a reappointment with our office for complete review with suggestions for rehabilitation and gait retraining.

The following video is a short example of and athlete at Fortius Lab.

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